Happy Fall from Ash River Kennels

Standard and Miniature Australian Shepherds of  North Georgia...


Ash beside a mountain stream near Silver Lake, in the Absaroka Wilderness outside Big Timber Montana,  our last trip West together ...

... "you never know what a day may bring"...

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."

June 20, 1998 - April 24,  2007

It all began with love for this tremendous dog and became a River of Happiness and Blessing that saturated our  lives.  This River still flows.   


YES!!! We are expecting!!

We have a litter of Miniatures ready at Christmas and a Standard litter that will be available the first week in January!!  


A RESERVATION'S LIST and a WAITING LIST  have been started.

Please email us for details on our pricing, and on the differences between these two lists... it is our goal this Holiday Season to make sure your family enjoys an Ash River Baby in the NEW YEAR! 


We currently have puppies and/or adoptive situations available.

For More Photos and information, scroll to the bottom of the page and

select individual cameo pages featuring our dogs!



(Please note that deposits, under qualifying circumstances

are transferrable, but nonrefundable)



Scooter's Daughter, "Brooke" at twelve weeks...  She is Ash's great great great Granddaughter!


"Brooke" with "Jackson"   March 2013


... So good to have friends.   Vera and Captain 2011


Captain .... chilling in the River at the Edge of the World


Bella Bella!!!.....

Bella carries on the tradition of her parents, Josh and Zoe, and

fabulously represents their incredible temperaments and demeanors.  

We are so very pleased with this young lady! 



  Ash River Kennels is dedicated to  breeding  quality Australian Shepherds with Champion and Hall of Fame ASCA/ AKC Foundation Bloodlines.   Although our backgrounds are rooted in AKC and ASCA, we register our Aussies with the National Stock Dog Registry (NSDR) in support of the Working Dogs we breed for. 

   We stand behind our dogs and our reputation by adhering to  responsible breeding guidelines including, but not limited to:  research into  pedigrees and lineages, appropriate knowledge of and familiarity with the health concerns and issues associated with the Australian Shepherd as a breed. 

     In addition, we employ genetic testing, health clearances, certifications, routine checkups, vaccinations,  proper socialization and support of all Ash River Adults and Babies for your peace of mind and ours.   We support the usage of spay/neuter contracts unless, in rare circumstances, it has been otherwise discussed.

      It is our pleasure  to provide families with WORKING Aussies bred for soundness of mind and body, in accordance with  breed standards,  for the purpose of companionship, performance, and pleasure.   

Versatile, and highly intelligent, our aussies are exceptional whether applying themselves to herding, challenging themselves in frisbee, flyball,  and/or agility trials...

Or simply doing what comes best and most naturally...
loving their family.

We are proud to be loved by the Aussies in our lives.


Aussies are like Lays potato chips...

 You most certainly cannot have just one!!


Son of Brooke and Josh, our Jackson ( a mini cross) absolutely loves the water!!

Bring on the sun!...  the dog days of summer are just beginning :)


Little  "Bella", at nine weeks,   daughter of Josh and Zoe.... snuggling with Perris.



You may view the parents on their respective cameo pages found in the navigation bar at the bottom of the site!  Enjoy!


 Please contact us @ (678) 858-9037 for more information and/or inquiries with respects to our puppies!


Our collection of photos sent in by our Ash River families has outgrown this website.  We invite you to visit our Shutterfly share site by manually typing the following address in the http address box (without www):


We hope you enjoy the photos and updates... We sure do!


It has been our pleasure and privilege to share with so many the happiness we have found in raising Aussies...

The comfort and rewards of their companionship is a blessing that brings us joy to pass along to your family...

Thank you for visiting our website, and for sharing in a very special part of our lives.

We hope you find the following 20 pages enjoyable... please be sure to use the NAVIGATE menu just to the right above my picture to find your way around our site...

Warm Regards,


(706) 216-6902


ASH RIVER has a it's own music!!   The  selection you hear is an  original!  Demo Cd's available!  For Weddings, Parties, Serenades, and Special Events Entertainment Check out my soundcloud link:

www.soundcloud.com search Angela O'Sullivan to hear individual tracks

I also sing at various venues locally!  Please contact me for more information about my singer/songwriter cafe events!Enjoy! 



YES!! We have puppies ! :)

For more information about our babies, our puppy policies,  or to be placed on our Reservations List, please call us at  678-858-9037.... OR email me at angela.ashriver@gmail.com

 I look very forward to hearing from you! 



Ash River Kennels highly recommends Vickey Russell at Blue Dog Academy near Gainesville for your training needs... please contact her at:

www.bluedogacademy.com for more info!


"Captain on our sidewalk in the Summer sunshine"


Love the porch in Summer

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